The Digiblox Project combined the talents of leading Digital Media experts and training facilitators from five different European countries, and is now complete. If you would like to use our materials or deploy the qualification in your area, please contact your nearest partner. They are:

Villa Montesca

Fondazione Centro Studi Villa Montesca is an education vocational training centre. It develops innovative cultural and educative initiatives and offers a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary research expertise and training activities, closely linked to the dynamics of a European space for professional training, education, cultural and local development.The Centro Studi offers post-secondary education, postgraduate and professional updating innovative courses aimed for the European labour market which prepare specialised profiles in the fields of Communication and New Media, Energy and Environment, Cultural Heritage. (contact Villa Montesca via

Profile of Fabrizio Boldrini

Fabrizio Boldrini

Fabrizio graduated in Law from the University of Perugia, Italy and went on to study a Masters degree in “Strategic and local marketing” at the US Rennert School Peace University and then a further Masters in “Economy, politics and law in European Communities” at SEU (Servizio Europa) in Perugia. He is currently the Director of FCSVM with particular experience and interest in education and new technologies; e-learning; coordination and management of professional training project implementation; EU law and policies; and local development.

Maria Rita Bracchini

Maria graduated in Economics from the University of Siena, Italy followed by a M.h.D. in Environmental Economics. After working for Oikos (Bologna), a Consulting company specialising in Quality and Safety Management Systems, she founded Systèmes Ecologiques, which developed vocational and educational training. In 2001, she moved to what is now FCSVM where she plans, coordinates and carries out educational training programmes. Having worked since then in European supported projects she has expert knowledge of European project management, evaluation and monitoring and heads up the European Cooperation Unit.

Profile of Fabrizio Boldrini

Virginia Marconi

Virginia graduated in Communication of International Institutions from the University for Foreigners of Perugia, with a specialisation in supporting active European citizenship. At FCSVM she works in the unit concerned with training, research and European projects, principally being involved in planning and carrying out of training programmes (adult education, graduate and masters courses); planning, management and execution of European research projects; management of communication with European partners; and research activity in the fields linked to the transnational projects – in particular in the field of lifelong learning.

Valeria Puletti

Valeria graduated in International Relationship, University of Perugia. Specialization course as Project Planner for sustainable local development and as Project Officer in European funded Projects. Employee in the Unit of training, research and European projects of Centro Studi e Formazione Villa Montesca. Planning, management and carrying out of European research projects. Management of communication with European and local partners; research activity in the fields linked to the transnational projects.

Profile of Fabrizio Boldrini

Silvia Fanti

Silvia Fanti has a degree in Sociology, with a specialisation in communication and media, from the University La Sapienza in Rome. At FCSVM, her work deals with reporting, training, research and European projects and is she is also involved in the management and implementation of EU research projects, financial management of EU projects, accountancy, budget control, as well as management and tutoring of training activities and collaboration in the planning and carrying out of training programmes.

EDUART Projects

EDUART Project s.r.o. known as Artykel Creative Form (ARTYKEL) is a platform and a centre for further education and vocational training based in Prague. ARTYKEL was established in 2009 as an open initiative of artists and technological geeks to help students and fresh graduates within their career progress with focus on arts, creative industries and digital competencies. Through workshops, meetups and community development we have been supporting students of ICT and Art schools to receive practical experience and functional skills relevant to job market demands. (contact EDUART via

Profile of Fabrizio Boldrini

Lukáš Cetera

Lukáš Cetera had earned a master degree in Psychology and a bachelorof Arts. After studies, he started his career as a Creative Director in a digital agency and shortly he was involved in trainings of fresh graduates from creative industries. From 2007 he was supervising international participants of Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects who attended internship programme in Prague. During the years Lukas Cetera has gained experience within vocational training and funded Artykel Creative Form where he specializes as an entrepreneurship adviser for students. He is active consultant cooperating with local consortiums and colleges in the field of creative industries and technology training.

Matej Fulnek

Matej Fulnek is a project manager, with a Master Degree in International Business, he has also worked as a financial adviser and business consultant. After university studies, he lived in Canada for a period, where he gained his first work experience, before travelling the world as a yoga teacher. Matej works in close relationship with students, as a student buddy, helping young people to adopt in a new environment and coaching them to gain self-esteem and shape their personal growth.

Capacity London

London-based Capacity London is a dedicated training and enterprise provider working primarily with people who find themselves disadvantaged within the labour market, especially those who tend to be poorly served by mainstream employment and enterprise services. They work in partnership with a wide range of private, public and third sector organisations, from micro-businesses like enterprise startups and community learning providers to statutory agencies such as Local Authorities and large national and international NGOs. They’ve plenty of experience offering accredited vocational educational courses and have strong ties to a range of creative industry, community development and digital media organisations in the UK and further afield. (contact Capacity London via

Profile of Fabrizio Boldrini

Naomi Peck

Naomi is Capacity London’s European Projects Manager. She was the project lead for their successful ECVET for the Creative Industries KA2 project and has previously managed several projects for third sector and joint not-for-profit and public sector partnerships. The focus of these projects ranged from health to community development to the arts. Naomi has had a long career in publishing, too – both in hands-on editing and managing complex non-fiction editorial projects involving international teams – and has substantial experience of working with partners, companies and individuals from across Europe and internationally. She gained a BA in Prehistory and Archaeology, speaks Spanish and French comfortably and has a particular interest in 19+ educational pathways.

Chris Mason

Chris studied Geography at the University of Liverpool and then later Ecological Economics at Edinburgh. Whilst at Edinburgh in 2008 he also set up and ran a website retailing environmentally friendly products. It was this latter experience, around the time that social networks were establishing their presence and Search Engine Optimization as an industry was in its relative infancy, that led to experience in and further study towards marketing and digital media techniques. He has been involved in the space ever since and has been sharing these experiences in the Digiblox project


Founded in 1997, Cybersalon is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation whose activities focus on the effect of the digital technologies in industry, education and emerging digital cultures. Cybersalon members focus on provision of digital education, cybersecurity workshops, produce research and insights on a range of digital topics, from smart city, AI/ML, the evolution of digital skills, quantified self, cyborgs at work and online gaming. We are affiliated with Middlesex University as Industry Advisers to Digital Media BA.In recent years Cybersalon has also led a contribution to Digital Skills report for House of Lords, developed framework for Digital Citizenship Bill of Rights for debate in the British Parliament, presented member book launches on workplace surveillance and the political use of social media like YouTube and Facebook. (contact Cybersalon via

Profile of Fabrizio Boldrini

Eva Pascoe

Eva is co-chairperson of CyberSalon and has pioneered e-commerce in the UK. She was a co-founder of Cyberia, the first global cybercafé chain and Easynet Internet Service Provider. She is a co-author of two digital retail policy papers on “Re-Imagining the High Street” with Grimsey Report and a new policy for West End of London in her “Surf and Turf” contribution to a recent publication commissioned by Centre for London and New West End Company. Eva has been at the forefront of digital education since the 1990s, contributing to the first UK HTML course, teaching technology for e-retail practice, introducing GDPR and cybersecurity compliance workshops. She is the nominated Industry Advisor for Middlesex University.

Benjamin Greenaway

Ben is a senior contributing member of Cybersalon and a mobile applications developer, a full-stack, world-wide-web engineer and educator with clients including The British Library, The Nominet Trust, and The Big Issue. In addition to his engineering and business background Benjamin has taught Hypermedia, HTML and WordPress to undergraduates at the University of Middlesex, HTML and JavaScript to adults through the adult learning code club Skillab and the City & Guilds courses in Social Media for Business. His writing on software development and business startups has been published in Web&PHP Magazine and phpArchitect.

Profile of Fabrizio Boldrini

Dr Richard Barbrook

Richard is an academic at Westminster University and a trustee of Cybersalon. His first published work on media regulation within the EU was 1995’s Media Freedom during his time at a research institute at the University of Westminster. He also became the coordinator of the first Hypermedia Research Centre at Westminster’s Media School and authored The Californian Ideology, a pioneering critique of the politics of Silicon Valley. In 2007, Richard moved to the Social Sciences School of the University of Westminster and published his award-winning study of the prophecies of artificial intelligence and the information society: Imaginary Futures. He is a games developer and has contributed to a number of games like Corby Run, On The Surface (for teaching digital inclusion) and others.

Capacity Ireland

Capacity Ireland is the trading name of C.L. Adult Education and Training Limited and they are a training provider focusing on delivering vocational training courses and providing organisational development and capacity building support for community groups and voluntary sector organisations. They specialise in teaching within small group settings or on a one-to-one basis and their services are targeted at people who are disadvantaged within the education system or labour market for a variety of reasons. They also offer a range of vocational qualifications for the Digital Media, Community Development, Creative Industries and Energy Efficiency sectors, as well as Literacy, Numeracy, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Information Communication and Technology for both young people and adults. These include a wide range of work experience opportunities abroad organised as part of Erasmus+ KA1 projects. (contact Capacity Ireland via

Profile of Fabrizio Boldrini

Georgina Heffernan

Georgina is a former journalist and magazine editor, having worked in a variety of roles including features editor for The Irish Daily Mail, acting editor of Irish Tatler and publisher of Magpie magazine. In 2014, she was awarded the Gladys McNevin Trophy for PR excellence by the Public Relations Institute of Ireland; she was also awarded the John J Doyle award and made a fellow of the European Institute of Education. Georgina is a Dragon’s Den winner with an appetite for creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. She is also an experienced project manager with a passion for education and widening the scope of education delivery through the use of advancing technologies.

Katrine Carstens

Katrine Carstens is a freelance journalist and travel writer and holds the Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS) qualification. She is also is Level 3 qualified in Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) and has almost 10 years of experience of working as a freelancer within the digital media and creative industries sectors. Katrine provides key research and technical support functions, as well as drawing upon her own entrepreneurial skills and experiences.

Third Sector International

Third Sector International (3Si) is a training centre based in Seville, Spain, that is dedicated to the social, economic and cultural integration of young people across Europe. They have over ten years of experience in delivering programmes that seek to improve employability, develop social networks and promote cultural integration. In recent years, they have become increasingly involved in the field of digital media and marketing, focusing on vocational training, collaboration and research. (contact 3Si via

Profile of Fabrizio Boldrini

Beatriz Moreno

Beatriz Moreno is the Marketing Manager at 3Si. Her role is to manage 3Si Brand and Digital Marketing strategy, as well as engage and develop tie-ups with new partners.

Luke James

Luke James is a Project Manager at 3Si. He manages 3Si’s transnational research projects in vocational training and has experience developing courses using the ECVET framework.