The Digiblox qualification, led by digital marketing industry experts & funded by Erasmus+, is a new suite of ‘European Digital Media’ qualifications which use the European credit transfer system.

This scheme allows the transfer of any course modules studied in any participating and accredited EU VET center, thus allowing the learner the option to travel to and study in other European countries during the period of their study, with those course credits counting towards their final qualification.

Digiblox currently works with VET Partners in five EU countries (Ireland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and the UK) in the development of the qualification itself, as well as hosting students during their studies and facilitating training. Upon completing this professional certificate, which updates existing UK City & Guilds qualifications, students will have a solid understanding of the digital media landscape and the well-rounded expertise that position them for success.

Upon completion of the project, learners will be able to start their qualification with a training provider in one of these EU countries and have the option to transfer any credits gained to date to another training provider in another of the partner countries, complete the course and be awarded the qualification. It is hoped that after the project end, the qualification will be taken up by other VET establishments in the partner countries and in other EU countries.

Digital training for graduates and professionals by Digiblox not just teaches them the different aspects of digital media but also covers important areas such as: Technical Elements, Creative Aspects, Strategic/Business Factors, Digital Entrepreneurship & European/International Factors.

The modular structure of the qualification means that individual learners can choose what modules they would like to study and the type of qualification they will achieve (award: 1 unit, certificate: 2–4 units or diploma: 5 units)